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Giving to the users what they need, what they want

UX Designer with a university background in arts and engineering.

I was born and grew up in the Italian area near Florence influenced hystorically by the combination of art and innovative inventions. By breathing this culture since I was a child the result was the interest and passion towards aestethics and efficiency, which is Design.

During my design experiences I developed my interest in understanding how users see a certain product and all the psychology behind its use have become my core focus on which I use my creative and communication skills, and the empathy necessary to understand deeply what users need and want, in order to design successfully.

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Vlad Danciu

Head Designer at SKY

''I must say you've been a proactive mentee and you've done such
a great job! I'm super proud of
your achievement in such a
short period of time’’

Alessandra Bonoli

Italian Artist & Ceramic Designer

''Abdel has an artistic and creative problem-solving ability that not only enhances and improves any design, but also shapes it to suit best its functionality’’

Gian Luca Ranno

Co-Founder MyOrango

''For Abdel every challenge is an opportunity to grow, he works fast and with enthusiasm.
He never disappoints expectations, he surpasses them''

Luca Rivoira

Co-Founder MyOrango

''What I like about Abdel is that whatever he touches he makes it better.
He really loves what he does and he is passionate about it''

Jasmine Sabha

Senior UX Designer

''m sure you will have a great future. I can see say that you will enrich any team with your thrive
and enthusiasm’’



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Dortmund 59065, Germany 

+49 176 31508506

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